tuning our collective consciousness though art, music and philosophy

The Open Perspective

The Open Perspective

Our passion is fuelled by the wonder and potential we all have as individuals and the vision of what we can achieve as a global collective. Our work through The Open Perspective is for the benefit of your spirit, inspiring and helping you to seek out and open new doors.

 An unlimited number of energetic frequencies surround us, some manifest in shape and form creating the beauty and magic of our world. Others vibrate on levels we can only attune to through training and development, these can open us to new possibilities and new ways of experiencing life.

“The richness of life is determined by the people we choose to let into our world.”


We offer a variety of weekend workshops and retreats as well as one-to-one mentorships and tuition. Each is designed to focus on a different aspect of your health and wellbeing as well as your personal development and spiritual evolution.


We have been given the greatest gift, life should never be taken for granted. It is our responsibility to experience every moment and ensure that we strive towards our potential.

  • Art, colour and developing our creative force
  • Music and rhythm, changing perspective
  • Yoga and the mind, body and soul

Healing, Empowerment & Awareness

We reach a stage in our lives where we begin to experience life with more than just our 5 senses. Something deep inside asks bigger questions and searches for advanced understanding.

What’s Included

  • Weekly live online sessions with our specialist tutors
  • 1-2-1 session to discuss your development
  • Meditation and empowerment music
  • Instructional videos
  • Weekly workbook during the program

Focused Development Programme

  • Lectures, tutorials and practical sessions
  • Partner and group practice
  • Meditation and Healing
  • Homework video tutorials
  • Workbooks and how to guides
  • Private group conversation

Please contact us for prices and current availability.

Healing Attunement

The Healing attunement is an inner journey of development and alignment, aligning your higher self and physical body to promote improved health and wellness. Creating a stable platform for you to find your own truth and further your connection with mind, body and soul.

Attunement Session

The 1 hour session is conducted over Zoom, Hester and Richard will discuss your requirements for the Healing Attunement. You will be able to ask questions which will be answered in the first part of the session.

Richard will give a 15 minute colour alignment with art, working on balancing your physical body and higher self. 

Hester will follow the alignment with a 15 minute reading deepening the connection and expanding the information. She will use her psychic and mediumistic abilities to listen to the needs of your higher self and information given from the spirit world. 

The final 20 minutes of the session will be a music and art meditation. Both tutors will tune into your energy and vibration. Richard will create a personalised work of art while Hester composes inspired music on the piano with a focus on meditation, healing and personalised attunement.

Once the session is completed

The artwork created will be posted to you. The healing and attunement created within the art will continue to work, aligning your body and higher self. 

The meditation session will be sent separately so you will be able to listen to your personalised meditation at times when you feel you need further healing and relaxation.

Outline of the session

  • 10 min Discussion and Q&A
  • 15 min Colour Alignment 
  • 15 min In-depth Reading and Connection
  • 20 minute Healing Attunement Meditation with Art and Music

You will receive

  • Video – full length session
  • Personalised healing artwork created in the session
  • Video – Healing Attunement Meditation with Art and Music
  • Audio file of the Healing Attunement Meditation with Music only

The Spirit within Art & Music

10am -5pm (UK Summer Time) | 1 August 2021

One Day Workshop

Part one – The first part of the workshop looks at spirit within the creative arts. The tutors offer an insight into world renowned art and music to better understand the intention behind the work.

Conversation around the power of listening to music, the silence in between each note and the effect it has on our consciousness. How we can use the captivation of music to enhance our thought processes and create a meditative state.

A dive into the arts, looking at the colour, vibration and energy within a work of some of history’s most famous artists. Discussion around how our bodies react and why we resonate with certain artists and their work.

Part two – The second part of the workshop looks at connecting with our own spirit and how we can better understand the spirit within through art and music.

Becoming more perceptive to art and music, understanding the importance to our own thoughts and wellbeing. Developing meditation techniques and noting the positive reaction within our brain.

Group sessions and partner practice to help explore, understand and develop your own talents. Developing imagination, using music and art to open the intuitive abilities with yourself.

One of the main aims of this workshop is for you to embrace your creativity, understand the important role it can play in your life and forge a deeper connection with other aspects of self.

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How did we find each other? Sometimes in life people connect for a greater reason, there’s a knowing that more must be done.

These meetings in life can be few and far between but are met with equal amounts of excitement and wonder. What is known is that this work is incredibly important and can completely change the lives of others.